Strong Woman Radio

Strong Woman Radio, Episode 15, Check Those Goals

February 5, 2015
  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:14)
    • Back this week for episode 15, and brace yourself for episode 16 with a very big guest
    • Welcome to this week's guests Nicole and Megan
      • A bit on how all these ladies know each other
    • This week's show will be about new year's goals and how to refine and focus them a bit as we head into February
    • How Nicole and Megan's goals have changed since they started strength training
    • It is OK to feed your squats!
    • What can happen when you get too restrictive
    • You can't have the goal to both lose weight and get stronger, and successfully obtain both of those goals
    • Stacy wrapping up Smolov and thinking ahead to her next competition
    • Long term goals - work towards it, be patient, make good choices
    • Athleta is where the strong women shop
    • Moment to soap box
      • Be a leader as a strength training woman, it is ok to be strong and to eat
    • Thanks Nicole and Megan for coming on this week and sharing you stories and tips!
  • Outro (42:28)

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