Strong Woman Radio

Episode 49, The Transition to Strongman

April 27, 2016
  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:16)
    • Welcome back everyone and welcome Sarah of Primal Bites and Sarah Lifts!
      • Her second appearance on Strong Woman Radio (listen to her first appearance here)
    • Sarah taught Stacy Snapchat
    • Sarah just competed in her first NAS competition, and she did a USS competition in February
      • She won both of them
  • More on Sarah (4:35)
    • She is a graduating senior in college
    • Sarah use to Crossfit, but then transitioned to powerlifting full-time
    • In the fall Sarah began to miss the variety she use to get with Crossfit, so she decided to try Strongman
    • She found a Crossfit and Strongman gym in New York
    • To prep for a powerlifting competition she focused on powerlifting, but then after her competition she shifted her attention to Strongman
    • Sarah still does a little bit of everything - but views it that she will have powerlifting seasons and Strongman seasons
    • Qualifying for nationals
  • Belt etiquette
  • Tips for People Looking to Transition (11:12)
    • Utilizing Crossfit gyms, they may have Strongman implements
    • Use the map feature on Starting Strongman
    • Consider your goals when planning out your training
    • Suggestions for blending powerlifting and strongman training
    • Look into strongman classes
    • Signing up for a show as a novice, and the doors a show will open
  • Sarah's thoughts on the competition
    • Had few expectations
    • The weight class group
    • Sarah's strategy
    • How the events went
  • Thank you everyone for tuning in!
  • You can find Sarah:
  • Outro (33:30)

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