Episode 43, Welcome Jen and JVB!

January 21, 2016
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    • Jen and JVB are on this week's show - welcome!
      • Loved having Jen on the show last time, listen here
    • This duo just released the program Unapologetically Powerful
      • The program was a blast to launch, it felt like such a feminist move to focus a program on getting stronger and to not make it about weight loss at all
  • What Unapologetically Powerful is?
    • A power lifting program
    • Created with the goal of making the three power lifts very approachable and accessible for anyone interested in getting stronger working with free-weights
    • Anybody can be a powerlifter, and spreading that message was the goal of this program
    • The program is 12 weeks long, with both a beginners and intermediate level, and people can chose their own track
    • Biofeedback, the method of training used at Movement Minneapolis, is incorporated into the program, and this is the only program to incorporate that element
    • JVB shared more on what biofeedback is
    • Stacy had the chance to train with biofeedback testing and was able to feel the difference it makes with your lifts
    • Biofeedback is great for learning to listen to your body, and to push it to gain strength in the direction that is right for you
      • For more information on biofeedback, see here
    • The risks of strongman training
    •  What happened after JVB competed in her first power lifting meet and the flame that it lit in her
  • Stuff Happening on the Internet (15:44)
  • What Else is Going On? (30:03)
    • Jen just got back from Philly working on a shoot for a speed and athleticism program, geared towards women
    • Vivian's latest competition, Ice Queen, and all that happened at the competition
  • Be sure to check out Unapologetically Powerful
  • You can find Jen on her siteFacebookInstagramTwitter
  • You can find JVB on FacebookInstagramTwitter 
  • We won't be back next week, but we will be back with a new show two weeks from now
  • Thanks everyone for tuning in - stay strong! 
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