Episode 37, Julie Rader

October 21, 2015
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  • Latest & Greatest (1:14)
    • Welcome back to Strong Woman Radio!
    • This week we have a special guest - welcome Julie Rader
    • Stacy discovered Julie through her Instagram account while she was competing in nationals
    • Strongman Nationals were incredible
    • More on how Julie found her way into Strongman
    • Competition with training partners
    • The Crossfit movements that are difficult for Julie
    • What Julie is focusing on for the Arnolds
    • Diversifying your training, and how to select what movements you focus on and when
    • The agility that Crossfit teaches
  • This week's show is sponsored by Why Our Way, lifting straps that Vivian and Stacy crazy love
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  • An invitation to Julie to come lift at House of Gainz
  • The events at nationals and how they went for Julie
  • The new convertible
  • Lifting cars
  • Questions:
    • Frank the Pegasus - what is the best way to learn olympic lifts?
      • Find a good coach
      • Or find someone you can send a video to so they can critique your technique and movements
      • Tire flips
      • The starting position
      • A decent squat
    • What are some of your tips for proper squat?
      • How Stacy learned to keep her body upright, which was her biggest challenge - wall squats
      • Learning what depth is
      • The difference a good belt can make
  • Thank you Julie for joining us for this week's episode
  • Be sure to follow Julie on Facebook here and Instagram here
  • Join Julie's journey to the being the world's strongest woman
  • Julie's eating philosophy
  • Thank you again Julie for coming on the show! 
  • Stay strong, Vivian and Stacy will be back next week, and don't forget to check out Why Our Way
  • Outro (37:12)

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