Strong Woman Radio

Strong Woman Radio, Episode 12

January 16, 2015
  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:15)
    • Stacy finished the Real Life Paleo book tour and got to lift with Jen Sinkler while in Minneapolis
    • The cat clan in Stacy's house
    • Viv's next competition will be on February 28 and is also doing Cupid Undie Run - support her at
      • If she reaches her fundraising goal she will make a training video on the 9 fundamental Crossfit movements
      • All the money raised goes to children with cancer
    • Viv also went to the recent Ice Queen Competition hosted by Ladies Lift Here - they are looking to host another one in April so be on the lookout for that
    • Challenges with speed bumps
    • Dear Kates shorts and pants
  • Questions & Answers (22:54)
    • Crystal - how do I pick the right gym?
    • Katrina - what to do after the hypertrophy cycle?
  • Closing Thoughts (38:46)
    • Thank you everyone for your support and engagement!
    • Don't forget to submit those questions, feel free to send them to or to send them in via social media
    • We will be lining up more guests for future episodes
    • Some posts from Stacy of note:
  • Outro (44:36)

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