Strong Woman Radio

Episode 50, Utilizing Starting Strongman

May 12, 2016
  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:16)
    • Welcome to episode 50!
    • Stacy and Vivian are also on Periscope while recording this episode
    • Stacy is preparing to leave for a place that doesn't speak english, and the only other place outside of the US that she has been is Canada
      • She can't remember a time where she has ever fully disconnected from work or social media, and she thinks it will be really good for her
      • She will have to learn to relax
    • When Stacy returns she will begin training at a local CrossFit gym, joining their Strongman training classes
    • Vivian and Stacy will also be attending this upcoming Strongman Seminar
      • Come on out to the seminar if you are in the area
    • Stacy survived Vivian's birthday party
    • This week on The Paleo View (Stacy's other podcast), they are covering this article from the New York Times
      • What you need to remember about this study and what it teaches us about weight loss and maintenance
      • Stacy is not surprised by what the study revealed, it is information we have been told for years
      • How food and lifestyle effects hormones - this study only supports that
  • Stuff Happening on the Internet (13:15)
  • Utilizing Starting Strongman
  • Powerlifting (26:20)
    • Taking steroids to get better
    • A video from Meg Squats on the presence of steroids in body building and competitive lifting
    • Stacy and Vivian's thoughts on a fair fight
    • Make safe and informed choices
    • Feeling the feels
  • Stay strong everyone!
  • Outro (35:48)

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