Strong Woman Radio

Episode 44, Love for EveryBODY

February 25, 2016
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    • We are back! 
    • And welcome to this week's guest, Andrea, who runs Thick-to-Thin apparel
      • Thick-to-Thin works on apparel for sizes from XS to 5XL, because everyone should be included in one shop and not have to go to a plus sized store to find clothes
      • Their mission is to empower women and to promote self-love and body positivity, and to do it through apparel and to show love to their customers
      • How Stacy and Andrea connected
      • How Andrea used her frustration in the lack of clothing available to those with athletic builds to launch her own line of products
      • Why Andrea prints the kind of statements on her tops that she does - we are all athletes in one way or another
      • How CrossFit impacted Andrea's confidence
      • The incredible support and encouragement that exists amongst female lifters
      • Andrea is giving Strong Woman Radio listeners 15% off with the code 'StrongWomen15' - so be sure to check out her site and take advantage of this great discount!
        • You can even customize your favorite articles of clothing with your favorite sayings
      • Vivan's favorite shirt from Thick-to-Thin
  • What is Happening on the Internet (13:18)
  • Be sure to check out Thick-to-Thin apparel and use the code 'StrongWomen15' for 15% off some great workout gear
  • Thank you Andrea for joining this week's show! 
  • Stay strong everyone - we will be back again soon! 
  • Be sure to submit those questions via the blog HERE, or on social media
  • Outro (39:30)

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