Strong Woman Radio

Episode 40, Making Gains

November 24, 2015
  • Intro (0:00)
  • Latest & Greatest (1:16)
    • Vivian has a case of the feels because she just started her new training program and is tired
    • Stacy has a case of the feels because she has been listening to Adele's new album a lot
  • What is Happening on the Internet (2:27)
  • Making Gains (15:37)
    • Vivian is getting smaller, but making muscle gains because her weight is staying the same, but her body is shrinking
    • The role that protein plays with building muscle
    • Vivian and Stacy's Top 5 Favorite Easy Forms of Protein
    • Great sources of carbs
      • Potatoes (both white and sweet)
      • Plantains
    • Adding weight to the bar
      • Volume versus max reps
      • The role that recovery plays
      • Working hard to avoid over training, you have to sleep and rest in order to build muscle
      • How Stacy and Vivian structure their training schedules for gains
  • Q & A (41:20)
    • Thank you note from Susan
    • Olivia - how to eat more, do less cardio, and work on making gains
  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Don't listen to Adele while training
  • Outro (50:31)