Strong Woman Radio

Episode 25, Stefani Ruper

May 21, 2015
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    • We are BACK!!
    • Vivian just got back from a trip to Europe and everyone is happy to have her back in House of Gainz
    • Joining Stacy and Vivian this week is Stefani Ruper, the expert on women's health and author of Sexy by Nature
    • Will be discussing the health effects of cutting weight, and how to build body awareness to see the signs when your body is pushing back against changes you are making
    • Stefani's experience from under eating and what happened 
    • How managing your hormones and long-term health go hand in hand
    • Evaluating your goals and making sure your actions truly match those goals
    • Stefani's closing words on partnering with your body and enriching and nourishing it
    • You can find Stefani on her podcast, Paleo for Womanher site here, and be sure to check out Sexy by Nature
  • Outro (29:25)

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